Thursday, March 8, 2012

Home-Made Foot Toys!

With Ziya's go-home day getting closer and closer, I've been making some toys. It's fun, but I really need to learn how to tie a better knot! And I guess only time will tell whether I did a good job - Ziya will be the product checker, and the one whose opinion matters the most!

Sea grass rope with a chunk of yucca and honey beads.

A little too big to truly be called a "foot" toy, but maybe still fun? A finger trap made of bird-safe material, stuffed with paper sticks and leather, and tied up with coco rope.

The first foot toy I made, actually. A crump ball, birdie bagel, and a thick braided knot of seagrass sitting on a jumbo paper stick. I call it the ugly stick.

A thick braid of seagrass with four birdy bagels strung on it. Please note that this toy would be potentially unsafe if played with unsupervised, due to the size of the seagrass ring. This toy will be given only under close supervision.

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